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Information for buying your students textbooks

Textbooks are selected by instructors and provide students information and resources they need to do well in their course. Unfortunately, most students do not anticipate the expense when planning to attend college and are unprepared. On average, according to a 2008-2009 College Board Report, textbooks average $1,036 a year for an undergraduate student attending a community college.

Tips to help you save money when shopping for textbooks:

  1. ALWAYS keep your receipts! An original receipt is required  for ALL returns/exchanges.
  2. Be aware of our store's refund policy and deadlines so that you can be sure to get your refund if you drop your class (deadline's are printed at the bottom of your receipt).
  3. Do not unwrap books or write/highlight in books until you are certain you will not be returning them.
  4. Use caution when making online purchases, items may not ship or be available immediately causing you to fall behind in your classes. Be sure to calculate shipping charges into the total cost of the textbook, it can sometimes make them much more expensive than they are in the bookstore.
  5. Buy used books whenever they are available because you can save 25% off the cost of a new textbook. We try to get as many used books as possible but they are usually the first to sell out so buying early is suggested.
  6. Many times textbooks come bundled with a study guide or software, check with instructor to see if all materials are needed before opening. These bundles can be a great value but all materials may not be necessary so be sure to check first as they may not be returned if they are opened.
  7. Some books may be available for rent. Renting requires a VISA or MASTERCARD, E-mail address and is available in -store only.

Our staff is here to answer any other questions you may have.

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