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The Los Medanos College Bookstore buys back textbooks at the end of each semester in May and December. Current edition textbooks that are going to be used on our campus again next semester are usually bought back for 50% of the original purchase price (there are few exceptions to this general rule).Current edition textbooks that have not been reordered or are overstocked for our campus for next semester will usually have a buyback value to USED Book Wholesale companies. Those prices vary anywhere from 10-40% of the original retail price and are based on a nationwide demand for the book. Old editions, books in poor condition, and books with limited national demand cannot be bought back. The bookstore does not buy back instructor's editions, international editions, complimentary copies or textbooks labeled "not for resale".

Ending Semester Buyback

December 11- 9:00am-7:00pm Thursday, December 12  9:00am-3:00pm Friday

 December 15-16  9:00am-7:00pm-Monday-Tuesday;  

December 17  9:00am-3:00pm Wednesday

Pittsburg Campus Only


Pittsburg Campus

Bookstore Buyback Policy

During the last week of each term a textbook buyback will be held in the Bookstore. Additional buyback dates will be posted.

Days and hours will be posted.

Up to fifty percent of the purchase price will be given, unless:

  • The instructor has dropped the text for the next term.
  • The publisher has printed a new edition.
  • The store is overstocked for the next term.
  • The book, in the Bookstore's judgment is not in resalable condition.
  • The course will not be offered next term.
  • The book retails for less than $3.95.
  • The text is bundled.

Textbooks not used the following semester may be sold to a used book company for wholesale value providing they are current editions and not overstocked.

Where Does Your Textbook Dollar Go?

$0.321 Publisher's Paper, Printing, Editorial Costs: All Manufacturing costs from editing to paper costs to distribution, as well as storage, record keeping, billing, publishers' offices, employee's salaries and benefits.

$0.153 Publisher's Marking Costs: Marketing, advertising, promotion publisher's field staff, professors' free copies.

$0.099 Publisher's General and Administrative: Federal, state and local taxes, excluding sales tax, paid by authors and publishers.

$0.071 Publisher Income After Taxes: After-tax income from which the publisher pays for new product development, author advances, market research and dividends to stockholders.

$0.115 Author Income After Taxes: After-tax author's royalty payment from which author pays research and writing expenses.

$0.013 College Store Freight Expense: The cost of getting books from the publisher's warehouse or bindery to the college store.

$0.067 College Store Operations: Insurance, utilities, building and equipment rent and maintenance, accounting and data processing charges and other overhead paid by college stores.

$0.114 College Store Personnel Costs: Store employees' salaries and benefits to handle ordering, receiving, pricing, shelving, cashiers, customer service, refund desk and sending extra textbooks back to the publisher.

$0.047 College Store Income Pre-Tax: Note - The amount of federal, stat and/or local tax, and therefore the amount and use of any after-tax profit, is determined by the store's ownership, and usually depends on whether the college store is owned by an institution of higher education, a contract management company, a cooperative, a foundation, or by private individuals.