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EOPS Announcement:

EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) is a state-funded student support service program established to promote the enrollment, retention, persistence, and success for students from low-income, underrepresented backgrounds in higher education by offering services that are above, beyond, and in addition to services available to all Los Medanos College students. Eligible students receive supplemental educational support services, textbook vouchers, and MORE! 

To qualify for EOPS, you must:

1] Be a California resident or Dreamer
2] Be enrolled full-time [12 Units] or have a waiver from DSPS
3] Be qualified for the CA Promise Grant A or B [Formerly known as BOG fee waiver)
4] Have earned less than 70 degree-applicable units
5] Have a demonstrated educational disadvantage [for example, if neither parent earned a 4-year college degree].
If you would like a 20-minute presentation on EOPS, please send an email to EOPSINFO@losmedanos.

Here is a link to apply for EOPS:- https://www.losmedanos.edu/studentservices/eops/app.aspx

For more information, please visit the EOPS page at https://www.losmedanos.edu/studentservices/eops/index.aspx

Textbook Refund Deadlines

Fall  2021 Refund/Exchange deadline 

The “Any Reason” refund deadline is Monday, August 30, 2021. Books must be in original condition, and the original receipt is required.

The refund deadline for dropped classes is Friday, September 3, 2021. Textbooks must be in original condition. The original receipt and a current class schedule are also required.