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How Textbook Buyback Works, and What it Means to LMC Faculty

We buy used textbooks from students usually twice a semester. The biggest buyback is during finals week at the end of the semester. Typically, this is when students can get the most money back.

Our LMC Faculty provides us with the orders for the books they will use each term and we compile a list of all the titles that will be reused for the next term. These are the books with value because we can buy them back from the student and then resell them the following semester as a used book. The books that are not used again or are being replaced by a new edition have no value to us may be sold to wholesalers.

LMC Bookstore usually pays up to 50% of the new price on a textbook in good condition that is being reused the following semester, but only for the quantity needed for the next semester. After the quantity is reached, wholesale price is paid for the book. After wholesalers have reached their quantity, nothing is paid for these books, and zero is paid for old edition books. This is just another reason to continue using your book for another term.

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